Happy 28th Birthday to one of the best players to put on a Bruins jersey, Patrice Bergeron. He may be underrated throughout the league but not to us Bruins fans who get to witness his game every other night. We get to enjoy his offensive talent but also his defensive side of the game. Players like Patrice don’t come around too often so we should consider ourselves lucky to have him on our team. There is never a game where I can say he didn’t come to play. He shows up every single night and plays with his heart on his sleeve. He shows up when the pressure is at its highest. He shows up when the team desperately needs him. Thank you Patrice, for all of the memories you’ve given us throughout the years and the many more you’ll continue to give us for the next nine years.

Patrice Bergeron has been signed to an eight-year contract extension through the 2021-22 season.

"Obviously guys have bumps and bruises, but he’s a guy that you obviously say is the heart and soul of our team. He wears that ‘B’ with a lot of pride." - Tyler Seguin